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What is a product bundle? (Definition and examples)

Learn what a product bundle is, how product bundles work, and examples of how real creators use product bundles in their online businesses.

What is a product bundle?

A product bundle is a grouping of several products or services sold together as a single package deal, usually for a discounted rate. Product bundling is a convenient and cost-effective way for customers to purchase multiple items simultaneously rather than buying them separately.

Product bundles can include a combination of related or complementary products, such as: 

  • An ebook about personal finance and corresponding templates for budgeting and expense tracking

  • Coaching sessions combined with community access

  • Online courses about painting portraits, landscapes, and abstract scenes

  • Classroom decoration printables for all major holidays 

With a product bundle, the items are typically available individually, but customers get a better deal when they buy everything together.

Benefits of using product bundles as a creator

Not only do product bundles save your customers money, but they can also make your life easier as a creator. Bundles allow you to get your work into the hands of your target audience, resulting in more visibility and satisfied customers. 

Product bundles also increase the total value of each order. The customer only has to open their wallet once, and you make more money than you would if they only bought a single product.

Product bundle examples

Legalmiga Library™

Taylor M. Tieman, Esq. is a small business attorney, brand advocate, and the founder of The Legalmiga Library™. She sells dozens of legal contract templates as individual items and offers bundles so her customers can save.

She has a Business Legal Starter Pack for new entrepreneurs and a bundle with access to all templates for one year.

Big Mountain Studio

Mark Moeykens is a programmer and the founder of Big Mountain Studio . He offers four ebooks about SwiftUI and also sells a bundle so customers can buy all of them at the same time. The bundle comes with a bonus ebook.

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