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Podia makes it easy to build and manage an engaged online community without having to wrangle a dozen different software tools for payments, content delivery, email updates and everything else.

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Becky Mollenkamp

“Podia solves all of my selling needs by letting me house courses, memberships, and downloads all in one place. Plus, the customer service is second to none."

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Keep everything in one place

Take payment, upload members-only content, interact with comments, schedule live online events for your members and send email updates, all on one platform. Plus, seamlessly add access to any of your existing online courses and digital downloads as a membership perk.

Create a beautiful membership site, no design skills required

Your members expect a lot from you, and Podia helps you deliver. Your membership site will look stunning from the get-go, on all devices. Upload content in any format, and personalize your community with a custom domain, logo and branding.

Sell subscriptions securely and simply

Earn more money with a membership sales page that has been tested and fine-tuned for conversions. Create an Affiliate Program that pays partners for every member they refer. Accept Stripe payments and most international currencies safely and securely, with more payment gateways coming soon.

We ❤️ creators

We’re here to help you share your gift with the world. That’s why we insist on creator-friendly policies like instant payouts, no limits on number of products or file size, and zero transaction fees (yes, really). Plus, you’ll get live chat support from people who love helping creators make a living from their passion.

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Are there any limits?

Nope. There's no limit on the number of members, membership levels, file sizes, customers, or how much you can make with your membership site. Speaking of which, we don't charge any transaction fees, so everything you earn is yours to keep.

What types of files can I upload?

Anything you'd like. Video, MP3, text, links, PDF, PSD, PPT, and anything else you can come up with.

Can you migrate my membership site to Podia?

Sure thing! All Shaker plans include free onboarding and migration assistance. We'll move all of your content and members over for you from your existing membership management software.

What do you mean by "all in one"?

Podia is the only all-in-one solution that seamlessly combines your membership management, online courses, digital downloads and email marketing into one platform. You can bundle your other products (like courses or downloads) as perks that are included in your members' subscriptions, with no additional membership plugins or course plugins required.

Can I create annual subscriptions instead of monthly?

Definitely. Podia lets you sell both monthly and annual subscriptions to your members. You can also create coupons to nudge your prospective members to subscribe.

How do I collect my payment?

Getting paid on Podia is easy: just connect your Stripe account, and you’ll get paid instantly whenever a member’s payment gets processed. No hassle, no waiting 30 days to get paid, and no transaction fees charged by Podia!

What countries does Podia work in?

Podia’s selling platform powers online stores for creators all over the world! We support 14 languages and 10 different international currencies, and you can change your language and currency in just a couple of clicks.

I still have questions. HELP!

No problem! You can chat with us right now by clicking this link here. We're here to help you build your online business!

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