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Podia Course Examples

Real online courses built by Podia creators like you

Podia’s easy course builder lets you add unlimited modules, lessons, videos, files, and any other content you like. Here’s how great your courses could look.

Em Connors

Em Connors made 5 figures in her first online course launch with Podia

My decision to use Podia has been one of the BEST decisions I could have ever made for my small business. Not only is it super easy and intuitive to navigate (for a non-techy person like me), but the customer support is literally out of this world.

By creating a course waitlist, offering an early-access discount, and keeping her live launch window short, Em was able to boost excitement and sales in record time.

Instant access and cohort courses

Emily Connors uses Podia to sell instant access courses and her 10-week cohort program

Em’s courses have videos, templates, PDFs, embedded presentations, and other interactive elements to keep students engaged.

Friendly support

Em’s old course plugin failed on launch day. She moved to Podia in 24 hours, and “It’s been a love affair ever since.”

Podia keeps everything running behind the scenes so you don’t have to worry about managing plugins and complicated tech. And if the unexpected happens, Podia support is here to help.

Beesham Soogrim

Beesham uses Podia to share +16 hours of high-definition training content

Podia is very easy and the the students can navigate through the courses easily. Plus, support is very quick to answer.

Beesham Soogrim’s All-in-One Sourdough MasterClass teaches bakers how to make dreamy sourdough with +250 HD4K videos and +30 downloadable recipe PDFs.

Room for all your videos

Unlimited video hosting makes it easy for Beesham to share hundreds of course videos

Podia lets you share as many videos as you like within your courses, so you can build without fear of running out of space.

File Embeds

Beesham lets students download recipe files directly from his course

Embed unlimited files and PDFs within your course lessons. Your students can click and download in seconds.

Marie Drouvin

Marie Drouvin's course mixes videos, text, images, and embeds

What gets me with Podia, every time, is how easy it all is. Drag the files, and voilà, I have a course to launch. It just makes sense.

Marie Drouvin offers The French Accelerator as a self-paced course. French language learners get access to videos, text, spreadsheets, and other media directly within the course lessons.

Unlimited Embeds

Marie uses embeds to share content from YouTube, Instagram, Google Sheets, and +1,900 other sources

Adding content from your favorite sources around the web is as easy as copy and paste. Your embed will show up directly inside your course for your students to enjoy.

Multimedia Products

Marie's lessons include images, text, videos, and worksheets

Create a course that’s just videos, or a mix of text and images, or a blend of videos, downloads, and audio. Any type of media you want to use, you can add to your lessons.

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