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Portfolio website

Show people what you can do with a beautiful Podia portfolio website

Spend time on your work, not your website builder. Podia makes it easy to create (and update) a website that looks and feels like yours.

When a newcomer lands on your portfolio, hiring you will be a no-brainer

Show glowing testimonials, helpful FAQs, detailed project descriptions, and anything else you need to tell your story.

Full website builder

Unlimited pages, images, embeds, storage, and traffic – all in the same place you do everything else

No arbitrary website limits. Add as many files, embeds, and images as you like.

  • All Podia websites come with hosting and a Podia subdomain on the free plan, so you can have your portfolio live in minutes.

  • Add YouTube videos, Spotify podcasts, Flickr photo galleries, Soundcloud links, or content from 1,900+ other tools. Your audience won’t even have to leave your site to see your work.

  • Offer digital products like courses, ebooks, and community access in addition to your services and packages. Podia will handle the checkout, product delivery, and everything else behind the scenes.

Make a portfolio website you’ll be proud to share

Choose your colors, fonts, layouts, and styles – and change your mind in a few clicks. Your portfolio is fully customizable and low-maintenance so you don’t have to waste another weekend installing plugins or configuring complicated integrations.

Email marketing

Email marketing in the same place as your portfolio site

Podia websites are SEO friendly so new people can find you through search engines. Plus, you can turn those visitors into followers with email opt-in forms, lead magnets, and built-in social links.

Video walkthrough

Take a tour of the Podia website builder with Ben

  • Beginner-friendly and customizable
  • Unlimited pages, images, and embeds
  • Build your portfolio on the free plan

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Quick Answers

Don’t see your answer? Reach out to us, we’d love to help!

  • Podia gives you a full website builder with unlimited pages to create any type of portfolio website you want. You can create an entire website, a single page, or anything else that’s right for your business. Plus, you can sell digital products, make a community, and grow your email list all with one tool.

  • You can upload any image that’s under 5MB, and these guidelines will help you choose the right size images for different areas of your website. Image file extensions that work well for your site are .jpg, .png, or .gif files. You can add as many images as you like.

  • You can add as many videos as you like to your Podia portfolio website.
    Suggested video upload standards:

    • mp4 file
    • h.264 codec
    • 5,000–8,000 kbps target bitrate
    • Recommended individual file size around 1GB (for faster upload/processing)
    • Max video file size 5GB
    • Video resolution: 1280x720 (HD) or 1920x1080 (FULL HD)
  • Nope, we’ll keep your images as-is. But keep in mind that larger file sizes can slow down your site, so it’s best to keep image files under 5MB.