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Being a creator can feel like a lonely journey – but it doesn’t have to be. Connect with other creators on the same path. Become a founding member of the Podia Creator Community.

  • An exclusive community for Podia creators. Connect and network with creators just like you.
  • Collaboration with fellow creators. Bounce ideas off one another and get feedback on your latest projects.
  • Interactive content and programming from Podia. Community challenges, creator AMAs, and much more to come.
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Going it alone sucks.

Sure, it’s great to never owe anyone else an explanation.

And yeah, the flexible dress code is a plus.

But the rest?

  • The staying up searching the internet until 3 A.M. because you can’t get a straight answer…

  • The constant email checking and analytics refreshing because you never know if your strategies are going to actually help…

  • The reheating your coffee or tea for the third time because you got wrapped up trying to answer too many emails…

Yeah, those parts bite.

You already know that though, or you wouldn’t be on this page.

What you want to know is what to actually do about it.

That’s where the Podia Creator Community comes in.

The only way you’re going to skip learning how to recreate fire for your business is by meeting the creators who came before – or maybe the creators who are coming tomorrow.

For early creators, one conversation with someone who’s been there, done that is worth a dozen blog posts, six podcast seasons, and a partridge in a pear tree.

For creators who’ve overcome the learning curve and found success, working with fresh creators makes you better at working with your customers.

It’s hard to remember what the playing field looks like when you’ve been on it for so long. But new creators remember, because they’re still there. They’re the eyes of the public, ready and able in exchange for your advice and direction.

So, if you’ve ever felt like…

  • You miss talking to people who do the same work as you
  • Your friends and family try, but they don’t get it
  • If someone could just tell you what actually works, you’d get somewhere
  • You have a lot of experience to offer, but no one in your space to share it with

Then the Podia Creator Community is the place for you. Apply today to become a founding member and help us prove that we’re better together. 💜