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Email forms

Podia Email sign-up forms are automatically linked to your website, products, and email list

In just a few clicks, you can add opt-in forms on your Podia website (or embed them on other sites) and style them however you like.

+15 design and customization settings

No need to wrestle with complicated form builders. Podia’s default email forms look great out of the box, or you can customize your layouts, colors, and images.

Add forms anywhere

Landing pages, lead magnets, footer forms, and opt-in sections

Add a sign-up banner to your home page, pop an email form in your footer, create stand-alone landing pages, share lead magnets, or all of the above. Podia makes it easy for visitors to join your list no matter how they find you.

Saved Sections

Save your favorite forms and reuse them across your site

Once you’ve made a design you like, hit the save button to add it to your “Saved Sections.” Now you can use it anywhere on your Podia website without having to build from scratch.

Embeddable Email Forms

You can use your Podia Email forms on third-party websites, too

Click to add a sign-up box anywhere on your Podia website, or grab a few lines of code to embed your forms on another website platform. Either way, you’ll be ready for new subscribers in seconds.

Check out these real email forms designed by Podia creators


Tag subscribers when they sign up through your email form…

Use the same tag for all your email opt-in boxes, or create different ones to use with each form. Anyone who subscribes will be added to your contact list with the correct tags so you know where they came from.


… then use those tags to send automated campaigns

If someone subscribes through an email form on your gardening page, you can automatically tag them as “Interested in gardening.” Then you can add anyone with the “Interested in gardening” tag to a custom gardening email campaign.


Grow your list with Podia Email or connect a different platform – either way your forms look great

If you’re using a separate email platform, you can integrate it with your Podia account and still get the same beautiful email forms.

Video Tour

Let Marc show you around Podia Email

  • See how good your emails will look
  • Segment your subscribers
  • Email that’s connected to everything else

All the email features you need to grow your business

Podia Email makes it easy to connect with your audience and grow your list. Plus, all the email features you need are automatically connected to the rest of your business.

  • No code required
  • Everything else in Podia
  • Beautiful on all devices
  • Point-and-click email builder
  • Email templates
  • Custom templates
  • Choose your fonts
  • Video embeds
  • Downloadable file embeds
  • View emails in browser
  • Send test emails
  • Name field personalization
  • Link click tagging
  • Segmentation
  • Automation
  • Preview text
  • Email sign-up forms
  • Embeddable opt-in forms
  • Waitlists
  • Lead magnets

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Quick Answers

Don’t see your answer? Reach out to us, we’d love to help!

  • Podia Email is available as an optional add-on. You can sign up for email features on any Podia plan (Free, Mover, or Shaker) and you’ll pay based on the number of subscribers you have. All Podia Email plans include unlimited broadcasts, campaigns, automations, segments, tags, and sign-up forms. Podia Email is completely free to use if you have under 100 subscribers.

  • Podia has a free plan that includes your website, a digital download, a coaching offer, and your online community. You also get checkout features and up to 100 email subscribers for free. As your business grows, you can upgrade to a paid plan for unlimited digital products, courses, and other advanced features. Paid plans start at $39/month.

  • You can send unlimited broadcasts on all plans. If you have under 100 subscribers you can send as many emails as you want for free, and if you have more subscribers you can pick any paid plan and also get unlimited email sends.

  • You can create as many email forms as you like. Forms are unlimited on all plans, including the free plan.

  • Yep! You can embed your form onto a third-party website like WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, or Weebly.

  • Yes, make sure to give that form a unique tag, and anyone who subscribes to that form will have that tag linked to their account. Then you can send messages and set up automated campaigns just for people who have that tag.

  • Yep! Podia comes with over a dozen professionally designed templates and you can also use one of your previous emails as a template if you’d like to make your own.