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One creator will win at least $1,000. But for every creator you nominate, we add $1 to the prize.

For this creator fellowship, you don’t apply for yourself — you nominate up to 5 creators you admire to win. For every creator nominated, the prize pool increases (and if you nominate the winner you’ll get $500).

Nominations are now closed. Congratulations to the winner Tamkara Adun!

Here are a few interesting numbers from Podia’s first creator fellowship:

  • Over 900 creators applied to Podia’s first creator fellowship
  • Creators spent 25 minutes (each) filling out the application
  • Over 200 creators chose to send in a video about why they should win
  • 6 creators (1 overall and 5 runners up) won prizes and will have their stories told by Podia

We gave away the first fellowship because we know being a creator is hard. There’s a lot to figure out, every decision is on you — and sometimes all you need is a little extra support to make those decisions easier.

That’s why we’re offering up another creator fellowship.

But having the money to do what you need to do isn’t the only challenge you face.

In the first fellowship, you told us that your top challenge by far is growing an audience. 33% of creators who applied said that “growing an audience” is the hardest part of creating (2nd place, at 22%, was “finding enough time for everything”).

That’s why, this time around, there’s more than just money at play. There’s the opportunity to celebrate creators you admire.

For this fellowship, you don’t apply for yourself. You nominate creators you admire (and get $500 if you nominate the winning creator).

What would it mean to see other creators sharing your work?

Creating can be lonely. Creating can be hard. And even when your audience loves your work, creators don’t always get to be celebrated by people who recognize how hard that work is.

Let’s change that.

Imagine what it would mean to see your work held up as an example of something excellent and meaningful. Imagine discovering you’ve been nominated for an award because someone genuinely loves what you do and cared enough to lift you up.

You can give that to someone.

For this fellowship, you can nominate up to 5 creators for the grand prize.

(You still win a $500 prize if someone you nominate wins).

Here’s how it works:

  • You can nominate up to 5 creators to win (the nomination form only takes a few minutes).
  • The minimum prize is $1,000 — but we add $1 to the pool for every creator nominated.
  • You get $500 if you nominate the creator who wins. If multiple people nominate the winning creator, the first nomination submitted gets the prize — so send yours in early!
  • The prize pool is capped at $3,500, for when we hit 3,500 nominees.

But don’t stop there.

Tell people you nominated them. Post about it publicly. Gush praise. We will be. We’ll be sharing nominees and creator stories for as long as nominations are open.

Make this an opportunity to celebrate the people you admire.

Who’s eligible to win the grand prize? Who’s allowed to nominate?

Everyone. Anyone. All creators are welcome.

A creator is anyone who creates. Artists, food bloggers, science YouTubers, craft-makers, rock ‘n’ roll saxophonists, podcasters, worldbuilders, social influencers, and everything in-between.

Anyone can be a creator. And any creator is eligible to win the grand prize. They don’t have to be experienced or successful already — nominate anyone at all who you think would benefit from a little extra help.

You can read the fellowship terms and conditions here.

Nominations are now closed. Congratulations to the winner Tamkara Adun!