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Podia for artists

Podia is an all-in-one place to sell your artwork, teach aspiring artists your techniques, host drawing workshops, and so much more. With Podia, you can run your entire art business from one easy-to-use dashboard without breaking the bank.

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Podia artist website tour

In this video, sketchnote artist Emily Mills explains how structuring your site to meet people where they are can build trust, grow your audience, and make more sales. You’ll see some of Emily’s art products and what a successful artist’s website looks like on Podia.

Why should artists use Podia?

Make more money from your art skills.

Sell online courses, digital downloads, webinars, coaching, and membership communities centered on your passion.

Showcase your art portfolio.

Image hosting is included with all Podia plans, so you can add as many portfolio images as you like to your website.

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Affordable and all-in-one.

With Podia, you can manage your entire art business, including your website, email list, digital products, affiliates, and community, from one easy-to-use dashboard.

Here are some artist website examples from Podia creators like you

In 10 minutes, you could have a beautiful artist website and a place to host your digital products, courses, and community. For free.

Podia artists don’t starve.

It takes years to master your artistic skills, and you deserve to be paid for your hard work and expertise. Podia is an all-in-one creator platform, ideal for artists who want to develop multiple income streams, display their work, and manage their businesses without having to remember 37 different logins.

Because Podia is so versatile, you can build an online art business that’s as unique as you are.

Use the digital downloads feature to sell printable wall art, planners, greeting cards, sewing patterns, coloring sheets, and stock photos. You can also sell files like Procreate brushes, vector images, and Lightroom presets.

Podia for artists: Carles Marsal procreate brushes

With the online course feature, you can create hand embroidery courses, sketching classes, or painting tutorials. Courses can be self-study or cohort-based, evergreen or time-released, with unlimited students or a limited headcount–it’s totally up to you.

Podia for artists: Vezak Embroidery

The coaching feature is perfect for offering 1:1 art lessons or you can use the webinar tool to teach a group workshop about cartoon illustration, graphic design, or paper-flower making.

You can even earn recurring revenue by setting up a community so fans can support your art through paid membership tiers. In exchange for their patronage, you can offer behind-the-scenes content, exclusive art, and discounts on your work.

Or, if you prefer a more interactive approach, build a collaborative membership community where artists can connect and learn together. You can even bundle community access with courses and products, so your students can get feedback on their work as they create.

Podia for artists: Slowing down circle

Need an artist website and portfolio? Podia’s point-and-click website builder is so easy to use, you can set up your website in an afternoon.

You can add unlimited pages and unlimited images to your site, so let your creativity run wild. Each image can be up to 5GB in size, but we do recommend keeping them under 5MB so your site doesn’t get sluggish. You can also embed your portfolio if it’s hosted on a site like Flickr, Imgur, or Getty Images.

Podia for artists: Artist portfolio example

You won’t have to touch a line of code and our support team is here to help if you have any questions, so you can spend less time wrestling with your website and more time creating your art.

Podia also includes email management tools so you can build your email list. You’ve probably heard that an email list is important, and we highly recommend starting one because it’s one of the most reliable ways to communicate with your audience.

With Podia, you can create beautiful email sign-up forms, offer free lead magnets in exchange for email addresses, send broadcasts to your list, and message people who buy a certain product. Your first 250 list subscribers are included on the free plan, so start building your loyal fan base today.

Podia for Artists: Artist website example email

Speaking of Podia’s free plan, have we mentioned how much is included? You can set up a professional artist website, start growing your list, sell your first digital product, offer coaching, and build your online community without paying a dime.

This is perfect for emerging artists who are working on monetizing their businesses since there are no upfront costs to worry about. And as you grow, you can always upgrade for additional features, like zero transaction fees, affiliates, custom code, and more.

Share your work, teach your craft, and make a living as an artist with Podia. Sign up for free today.


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