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Podia for musicians

Ready to share your musical talents with the world? Podia makes it easy to grow your audience, teach – and get paid for – your expertise, and make the world a more musical place.

Create courses about how to play your instrument, host webinars about how to navigate the indie music industry, teach 1:1 live music lessons, sell downloadable sheet music, build a membership community for fans to financially support your work, and more!

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What makes Podia great for musicians?

Make more money from your musical talents.

Sell online courses, digital downloads, webinars, coaching, and membership communities centered on your passion.

Create a fan community around your music.

Podia communities can have free and paid membership tiers, and allow you to release exclusive content to your most loyal supporters.

Spread the word through embeds.

Embed your content from Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube, your podcast network, and more directly onto your website without touching a line of code.

Creator Story

How Joseph D’Amico switched to teaching online classical piano lessons

Learn how Podia creator Joseph D’Amico is sharing his passion for music and reaching more students through his innovative online piano membership and community on Podia.

“Podia makes website building so fun. I feel like I could set up a site in an afternoon, and it would look great.”

Here are some musician website examples from Podia creators like you

In 10 minutes, you could have a beautiful website and a place to host your digital products, courses, and community. For free.

An all-in-one platform for running your music business that hits the right notes

You want to spend your time creating music, not cobbling together a custom website, battling with payment processors, or troubleshooting behind-the-scenes technology. Podia makes it easy to share your musical gifts with the world and expand your business in new ways–no headaches required.

Musicians example sites 1

With Podia, your website, email list, fan community, and digital products can all exist under one roof, giving you more time to focus on the work you love.

Use Podia’s easy website builder to create an online hub for promoting your music business. Through our embeds feature, you can share your content from Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube, Vimeo, Apple Music, Anchor, Bandcamp, and more directly onto your website.

Here’s how musician and music marketing expert Adrian Dalsus uses Spotify embeds to share his podcast on his Podia site. Visitors can listen on the page or click follow his music on their platform of choice.

Adrian Dalsus podcast website

You can also use Podia’s community feature to set up a fan support community. Add free or paid subscription tiers and give your audience exclusive music, content, or deals when they join. This is a great way to ensure your biggest supporters are the first to know about concert tickets, merch, and album drops.

Podia also includes email marketing, so you can grow your list and stay connected with your fans when exciting things happen in your music business.

Interested in teaching music? Podia also has features that make building an online music education business a snap.

Teach instruments live using Podia’s coaching feature, offer self-study or cohort online courses, provide mentorship for aspiring musicians, and help clients navigate the complex music industry. Use the digital downloads feature to sell resources like sheet music and ebooks or create a community where students and music enthusiasts can gather, explore resources, and receive feedback on their progress.

For a hybrid approach, you can even bundle self-study instrument courses with coaching sessions so students can get feedback on their practice.

Classical piano instructor Joseph D’Amico uses a combination of live lessons and pre-recorded courses in his Flex Lessons membership program. With Podia, he’s pivoted his in-person piano teaching business fully online and now reaches a larger student base.

Flex Lessons website

Whether you’re performing as a musician, teaching others about your musical passions, or both, there are so many ways you can structure and scale your music business with Podia. Grab your free account today to get started.


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