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Podia for YouTubers

Ready to diversify your creator income and build stronger connections with your YouTube audience? With Podia, you can sell digital products to complement your video content, make a free website, and start a community where fans can financially support your work.

Best of all, you can build income streams on a platform that you own. Random algorithm changes and demonetizations can wreak havoc on hard-working YouTubers like you. Expanding your business with Podia gives you revenue sources that are independent of the YouTube robots.

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What makes Podia great for YouTubers?

Don’t rely only on YouTube ads for monetization.

Sell online courses, digital downloads, webinars, and coaching products related to your niche to provide more value and earn more income.

Grow a fan community around your work.

Podia communities can have free and paid membership tiers so you can connect and provide exclusive content for your most loyal supporters.

You own your audience.

With Podia, you can manage your entire art business, including your website, email list, digital products, affiliates, and community, from one easy-to-use dashboard.

Creator Story

How the Longneckers monetized their 100k+ YouTube subscribers

Learn how Jonathan and Ashley Longnecker grew their YouTube channel, launched an online community, and monetized their content while building an off-grid desert homestead.

“We love Podia because it has allowed us to create a wide range of products and courses while also giving us a single place to add a community.”

Here are some YouTuber website examples from Podia creators like you

In 10 minutes, you could have a beautiful website and a place to host your digital products, courses, and community. For free.

YouTube ads are just the beginning

Making a living off your YouTube videos is a dream job, but getting there takes a lot of hard work. While it’s definitely possible to earn revenue from YouTube ads, many creators like to add additional income streams so they don’t have to worry about algorithm changes or demonitization as much.

With Podia, you’ll have the tools you need to grow your business beyond “like, subscribe, and hit the bell.” You can create online courses, ebooks, webinars, memberships, and guides that accompany your video content. If it makes sense for your niche, you can also offer coaching or 1:1 “pick my brain” sessions with your followers.

YouTubers Ashley and Jonathan Longnecker have a channel about off-grid homesteading where they show their 100k+ subscribers everything they’re doing to build their home in the Arizona desert.

They earn money from YouTube ads, but they also offer online courses and PDF guides about renovating an Airstream, wiring solar cells, and building solar-powered water pumps. All of these resources correspond with things they show in their videos, making this a natural product fit for their audience.

Tiny Shiny Home products

YouTubers can also use Podia to create an online community where followers can connect, get exclusive content, and financially support the channel.

Jeffrey and Jill Dalton from the Whole Food Plant Based Cooking Show rely on their membership community to keep their show running. Follower support allows them to continue producing free YouTube content, and members get access to monthly giveaways and discounts.

Whole Food Plant Based Cooking Show membership

Read more about how YouTubers Jill and Jeffrey Dalton use their Podia community to support their channel.

Podia also includes email marketing features so you can reliably keep in touch with your subscribers. When you publish a video on YouTube, there’s no guarantee that your followers will be notified. If you have an email list, you can share links to your new content directly with your most engaged fans, leading to more views and visibility.

The best way to own your relationship with your audience is through your email list, and you can use Podia to create lead magnets, send broadcast newsletters, and run automated email campaigns.

Email list signup YouTubers

You can also build a free website for your business using Podia. YouTube is great for discoverability, but it’s essential to have a hub that you control as your main business homepage. A website gives you space to share your story, promote your products, and direct people to your most valuable resources.

With Podia, you can manage your entire creative business, including your website, email list, digital products, and community, from one easy-to-use dashboard. Get started for free today.


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