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Create coupons for your digital products in 4 clicks

In seconds, you can set up coupons for your courses, downloads, and anything else you sell on Podia. Set use limits, add expiration dates, and track redemptions – everything is already connected to your checkout and customers.

Podia coupons work the way you want them to work

Create a coupon that’s only good through this weekend. Run a site-wide holiday promotion. Offer a flash sale for the first five people who use your code. Podia makes it easy to set up any type of coupon you need for your business.

Unlimited coupons

Set up deals for one product, some of your products, or everything

Coupons can be percentage-based or a set amount, and you can make as many as you like.

Expiration dates

Create coupons that automatically expire on a certain date

Make your promos last forever or give them an end-date. Podia will automatically turn off your coupons when they expire so you don’t have to set an alarm for 11:59 pm on the last day of your sale.

Usage limits

Control how many times each coupon can be redeemed

With coupon usage limits, your code will stop working after it’s been used a set number of times. You can jumpstart sales by rewarding the first few people to purchase your work – with your coupon code, of course.

Author and Podia creator Andrea Johnson uses coupons to get more sales when launching new products

One of the launch strategies that I have found immensely effective is to have a sneak peek free webinar to promote the product. During those webinars, I provide the product for a discounted price with big bonuses to spur both interest and urgency. When people feel like they are getting a deal, or may potentially miss out on one, they tend to act faster.

Andrea Johnson, Craft Killer Fiction

Customizable coupons

Stick to the basics or get creative – either way, your coupons will be ready to go in seconds

If you want to give your customers a few bucks off their purchase, you can do that with Podia. You can also use Podia’s coupon feature to make special discounts and customized plans when you need more flexibility.

  • Make a unique coupon code and set the quantity to one. Then share this code with the person who gets to use it.

  • Create group discounts by adding a new coupon name and setting the usage limit based on the number of seats your customer needs.

  • Customize your coupon codes so you won’t be stuck with random strings of characters that are difficult to remember.

What other checkout features do I get with Podia?

Podia handles your coupons, payment processing, and the rest of your checkout flow so you can sell unlimited courses, webinars, downloads, coaching sessions, and digital products.

  • Sell digital products
  • Product bundles
  • Upsells
  • Sign up limits
  • Payment processing
  • Embeddable checkout
  • Free products
  • Waitlists
  • Lead magnets
  • Affiliates
  • One-time payments
  • Payment plans
  • Multiple currencies
  • Specific start dates
  • Cohort programs
  • Global tax support
  • Transactional email
  • Instant payouts
  • Digital product delivery
  • All other Podia features

Video Tour

Let Ben show you around Podia checkout

  • Set prices for your products
  • Fast, one-page checkout
  • Payment methods


Quick Answers

Don’t see your answer? Reach out to us, we’d love to help!

  • Coupons are included on all paid plans. The Mover plan costs $39/month and the Shaker plan costs $89/month.

  • Any coupon that is created with the intent to be used for a subscription plan will be applied to the invoice each month (e.g. if your plan is $10/month and you provide a $5 off coupon, the plan will now be $5/month for the lifetime of the subscription).

  • Yes, in your coupon dashboard, you can see how many people used each coupon code.

  • You can create unlimited coupon codes and promos to use with your products. Coupons can apply to everything, some products, or some community tiers.

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