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Get Noticed! is a course based on dozens of creator interviews, thousands of survey responses, and the techniques 19 successful creators used to get in front of the right people

Shouldn’t it be easier to get your work noticed?

When you started out, did you imagine that the hardest part of being a creator would be figuring out if you should post on social media today, wondering if SEO is the right move (it sounds hard?), and watching your work get less recognition than you know it deserves?

Most creators don’t. You probably got into your work because you love it. You have something to share. You care about your craft. And even though you never expected to blow up overnight, it stings a little to open up your computer and see no new sales.

When we (Podia) surveyed over 900 creators like you, we heard — overwhelmingly — that growing your audience is the biggest challenge creators face. And when we followed up to do dozens of creator interviews, this is what we heard.

  1. It’s hard to overcome “swipe culture.” All people do today is scroll scroll scroll. You put hours, maybe hundreds of hours, into your work — only for people to scroll past it. How do you stop the scroll?
  2. “I know I should do social media.” When you want to promote your work, you post it on social media right? Even if that doesn’t seem to be working that well? Social media is what it feels like you “should” do, but wow it can be tiring! It’s not the only thing that works (and there are ways to make it work better).
  3. Hiring someone to help…doesn’t help. You can hire someone to help with your marketing, but what are they going to do that you can’t do? Buy ads? You know your business best, and most of the experiences we heard about hiring marketing consultants were negative.
  4. It’s hard to be consistent, because “selling yourself” is exhausting. Getting into self-promotion mode takes energy, especially when it’s not where you want to spend your time!
  5. “I want to get in front of more people. And I want them to be the right people for me.” You don’t need to reach millions. You want the people who will appreciate your work to notice it.

Ashley and Jonathan Longnecker are Podia creators with over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube. Today, they’re off-grid homesteaders who fund everything — building materials, business expenses, and family expenses for themselves and their four children — through their work as creators.

But that’s not where they started.

“We knew how to make content. We knew how to make blog posts and videos and take photographs,” says Jonathan. “But there was something we were missing that was keeping us from growing. It just seemed like we talked about this dream every year, and there was hardly any movement.”

The first course they made, the first product they ever sold, was good. But being good wasn’t enough.

“We just didn’t have the audience to sell the course. It wasn’t because we weren’t doing good stuff. We didn’t have the audience, recognition, or awareness to move the needle on sales.”

After talking to you and hearing from creators like Ashley and Jonathan, we knew there was an opportunity to help.

That’s why we reached out to Jonathan (and 18 other successful creators) to make a different kind of course.

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Introducing “Get Noticed! How to build an audience that loves your work”

When you talk to dozens of successful creators, you realize that a lot of the “rules” are really just suggestions. Yes, some people are successful on social media — but not everyone likes Instagram and not everyone has to use it. Yes, some people grow through SEO, but it can get technical fast — and most creators don’t have to worry about it at all.

Sometimes it feels like you “have to” try XYZ tactic because you see other people doing it. But that’s just because some tactics are easier to see! When a TikTok goes viral, everybody sees it. When a creator quietly grows a thriving business through word of mouth and personal recommendations, you won’t hear about it unless someone tells you.

Instead of giving you some cookie-cutter “system” that promises to get you 100,000 fans in 100,000 seconds (that’s a little over a day), “Get Noticed!” takes you behind the scenes of what real creators did to grow.

You’ll learn from Podia’s Ben Toalson, synthesizing the results of dozens of interviews and thousands of survey responses. You’ll also hear from these 12 creators:

  • Adrian Dalsus
  • Asha Downes
  • Becky Mollenkamp
  • Casey Richardson
  • Em Connors
  • Emily Mills
  • Jonathan Longnecker
  • Joseph D’Amico
  • Khe Hy
  • Tamkara Adun
  • Valeria Hernández
  • Veronica Green

Plus insights from 7 other successful Podia creators (and examples from 11 well-known creators you’ve probably heard of).

“Get Noticed!” isn’t about giving you a generic paint-by-numbers that works for anyone — because that doesn’t exist. You need to grow in a way that feels authentic to your business, and you’ll learn how to do that by hearing from creators who have been where you’re standing.

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What’s in the course? 5 modules, 15 lessons, 10 worksheets, and 19 creators

Module one doesn’t start off with quick-hit tactics, building your personal brand, or any of the typical stuff you’ll find in business courses. You’ll dive right into a new way of thinking about how to grow — one that feels organic, natural, and like an extension of the work you love.

Get Noticed pyramidThe foundation of growth. Which people are hard to reach, and which ones are easy?

From there, you’ll work through your business (what works for you) and use the guidance and example of other creators to decide on your next move.

Finally, you’ll get into the details — how to craft a message that resonates with exactly the person you want to reach. What gear you need. Ideas for distributing your work (with real examples). How to be consistent with your marketing by doing more of the stuff you love. How to make the most of your audience once you have it.

In fact, here’s the full list of lessons.

  • 1.1 - Myth: Your audience is everyone on the internet
  • 1.2 - Myth: Success means millions of followers
  • 1.3 - Myth: Your content should be everywhere
  • 1.4 - Myth: If you skip the latest trend you’ll be irrelevant
  • 2.1 - The audience growth step everyone skips (but wishes they hadn’t)
  • 2.2 - Say exactly what your audience wants to hear without being a mind-reader
  • 3.1 - “Do I need XX gear to make great content?”
  • 3.2 - The one-sentence test to make your content more interesting
  • 3.3 - Finding your next irresistible angle
  • 3.4 - Reach more people: real examples from 9 creators
  • 4.1 - You can grow without being consistent, but…
  • 4.2 - Consistency is hard. This makes it easier
  • 5.1 - What does it mean to “own your audience”?
  • 5.2 - How to get people onto your email list
  • 5.3 - I have subscribers, now what?

If this sounds interesting — if you’re ready to try a different way to grow — sign up to get noticed. It’s free to anyone with a Podia account, includes access to a community of over 3,000 fellow creators, and might just get you the visibility and recognition you’ve been waiting for.

Get free access to the "Get Noticed!" course

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