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The creator path can be lonely.

The cat nearby (or on) your laptop won’t be helping you with those email campaigns. Google and ChatGPT don’t always know the answer. Your partner, however supportive, may not understand the depths of your anguished scream when you lose those video edits.

Sometimes sitting down with a friend who gets it can light powerful sparks of confidence, motivation, and ideas that you couldn’t have arrived at alone.

Running your own business or bringing a passion project to life often feels like a giant puzzle. Solving it doesn’t have to be a solo endeavor. You hold some of the pieces — like those crucial corners — and standing next to other creators helps reveal the full picture. Plus it’s more fun together!

That’s why we created Making It, a weekly newsletter presented by Podia and starring creators who’ve been in your shoes. Get the inside scoop on how they’re making it, with tips, examples, and lessons learned to make your business — and life — less puzzling.

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