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When you join the Podia Coworking Program, you’ll get matched with an accountability buddy, go behind the scenes of successful creator businesses, and have your most productive 5 weeks of the year

Take your idea to the finish line and make a new creator friend along the way. This round of accountability buddies is closed, but you can join the waitlist to learn about future programs.

  • Achieve a goal in five weeks. It’s time to finally launch your course, build a new lead magnet, plan your holiday promotions, or complete another project to move your business forward.
  • Get a fresh set of eyes on your work. Two heads are better than one. You and your buddy can chat about big ideas and get feedback.
  • Limited timeline, unlimited potential. The program runs from October 14 until November 16. Connect each week with the option to attend inspiring creator webinars.
  • Application deadline: October 12, 2022 @ 11:59 pm ET

TL;DR: Get paired with a Podia creator who has similar business goals and work together to achieve them over the next five weeks.

You’re overflowing with creative business ideas and passion for the work you do. But with so many meaningful projects on the table, it can be difficult to zero in, focus, and get things done.

Work with an enthusiastic accountability partner who shares your drive and aspirations. (We’ll handpick your buddy, based on information shared in the applications.)

Together, you’ll both take your ideas to the finish line while swapping valuable feedback and insights along the way. Pairs will set goals together and work towards them over five weeks, walking away with a big check mark on their to-do lists and a new friend.

How it works:

All creators with a Podia account are welcome to apply, and we’ll personally match you with another entrepreneur working on similar business goals.

Over five weeks, you’ll work with your buddy to:

  • Set a specific goal in your business
  • Give and receive feedback
  • Bounce ideas around and share what works, based on your experiences
  • Attend 5 deep-dive webinars where successful creators pull back the curtain on their businesses (Replays available)
  • Complete your goal and celebrate!

Our goal is to match every applicant, but we can only do that if we know enough about you and your business to make a mutually helpful pairing. The more context you put into your application, the more likely we will find an amazing buddy for you.

This round of accountability buddies is closed, but you can join the waitlist to learn about future programs below.

What to expect

By the end of the program, you will have achieved an exciting goal in your business. But better than that, you will have made a new connection with a creator on a similar path. No one can do it all alone, so join us. Your buddy – and the next phase of your business – are waiting.

All Podia creators can apply to be matched with an accountability buddy.

Accepted applicants will be connected with another Podia creator based on goals and growth areas.

The more detailed your application, the better we’ll be able to match you.

Please spend some time reflecting on what would help your business the most right now so we can find the right partner for your journey.

You'll each set one attainable goal to work toward during the program.

Goals should be specific and achievable in five weeks, like launching a new lead magnet, batching a month of content, writing five new blog articles, starting a community, or hosting your first webinar. (We’ll work on goal setting more in week one!)

Plan to commit at least one hour per week to connect with your buddy.

You can meet via Zoom, email, DM, or any other platform you prefer, but you’ll get the most mileage out of the program if you connect each week. We’ll also send you both a weekly email with prompts to guide your discussions.