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You're just a few questions away from having a sales page.

What is your course or product called?

Let's start with a simple one... What are you going to call it?

Fill in the blank in the following statements:

My awesome product is perfect for people struggling to ______.

How long is your course?

Days, weeks, modules, etc...

Throughout your course, what will the student learn to do?

What are the key benefits your course provides?

Important: Write as if you’re talking TO the student (e.g., grow your business, rather than grow their business)

Do you have any testimonials from past students? (Optional)

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What's your first name?

Finally, what's your email?

Would you like to include a photo of yourself? (Optional)

Adding a photo of yourself increases conversion!

Do you have a course image you'd like to upload? (Optional)


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