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The intersection of ability and passion

Cindy Cisneros, Creatively, LLC

"It matters that you invest in an intersection of what you are good at and what you love.

Starting your own business is choosing a challenge where you hold all the controls. Many of us will quickly gravitate towards one of two things: what we are good at or what we love. The sweet spot, in fact, is the beautiful harmony of these two things.

In my career, I have oscillated between these two until I finally learned this lesson and found my success in the balance. My passion is art and creativity, and my strengths are in psychology. In the early iterations of my career, I focused on making money quickly, believing that I should invest in my strengths the most. My early models were to build a business as an independent clinician in psychology, working with as many creative clients as possible.

I was good at this, to be sure, but leading with this foot wore it out. I found myself tired, irritable, unbalanced, and unhappy. Though financially I was finding success, I did not find peace and fulfillment. When I was marketing my business and networking with others, I felt unclear about my messaging, frustrated, and stagnant.

My next business move was out of necessity during the COVID-19 pandemic. After an explosion of clinical work, I experienced total burn-out and took a break from clinical work to reassess. I decided to reconnect with my love of creativity and art. I pursued a certification in Creativity Coaching, spent more of my own time painting, and greatly reduced my clinical caseload to reconsider my business mission.

To be honest, while I should have recovered during this time, my business struggled financially. For about two years, I took a deep dive into branding, business structure, mission and goals, my health, financial goals, and more. I thought about the success I had in business, the balance I found in creativity, and how to combine them.

This was the realization for me: that my natural skills and abilities are only part of success in business. The rest is an equal part of investment in what you love. When I began to rebuild and reopen my business, it included sharing what I knew and loved about creativity in equal parts. I built courses to give others the information that has changed my life. Suddenly, my marketing became easy. My mission statements are clear. Networking was exciting, and I couldn’t wait to talk about my work and my projects with others."

Advice Contributor

Cindy Cisneros

Cindy Cisneros is a Creativity Counselor, Creativity Coach, and artist who has built her practice at Creatively, LLC based upon a basic 3-part philosophy for helping people with creative, smart, and artistic brains.

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