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Podia for developers and web designers

As a web professional, you know your online presence is important. Podia makes running your online business simple so you can focus on what you do best. Sell your web development or design services, teach aspiring developers your craft, or create helpful resources like coding classes, tutorials, tech reviews, or wireframe kits.

Do it all with one platform that’s so intuitive, you’ll think you built it yourself.

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What makes Podia great for developers and web designers?

Build additional revenue sources.

Sell online courses, digital downloads, webinars, and membership communities centered on your skillset.

Simplify your tech stack.

With Podia, you can manage your entire business, including your website, email list, digital products, affiliates, and community, from one sleek dashboard.

You own your audience.

You worked hard to build your audience and client base – don’t let a third-party social media platform control your relationship with them. With Podia, you own your customer data, sales, content, and website.

Robert Williams, smiling

“Through the years, I’ve redesigned my product a dozen times, including building a custom Rails application that handled billing, sending emails, and online course delivery for my students… This year, I’ve ultimately pared all of that down to just Podia. I could’ve saved hundreds of thousands of dollars and even more time if I had stuck with super simple tools all the way through.”

— Robert Williams, Folyo
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Here’s how other developers and web designers are using Podia

In 10 minutes, you could have a beautiful website and a place to host your digital products, courses, and community. For free.

Find out why developers love Podia

You’re busy solving technical problems for your web development clients – the last thing you want to do is troubleshoot your own online business. Podia is a simple but powerful all-in-one creator platform where you can manage your website, products, payment processors, and email list under one roof.

It’s no secret that building an online business from scratch is challenging. Instead of figuring out how to gate things behind logins, take payments, manage a (finicky) CMS, and make all your plugins play nicely together, Podia frees up your time to create products your audience actually wants. We have a friendly support team, and you have everything you need without distracting bells and whistles.

If you’d like to diversify your revenue streams as a developer, Podia makes it easy to build unique digital products. Use Podia’s online course feature to offer self-paced, drip, and cohort courses about your favorite development topics, sell any type of file as a digital download, or create a membership community where you teach your skillset.

For example, web designer Mike Oliver uses Podia to run his online community where he shares GeneratePress and WordPress templates, tutorials, and resources.

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All Podia plans include coaching so you can sell your website services to customers or offer 1:1 consultations. Podia integrates with several popular scheduling platforms, including Calendly, Acuity, YouCanBookMe, and SavvyCal so you don’t have to use any new tech.

Podia also includes a free website with unlimited pages, including sales pages. If you already have a website you love, you can use Podia’s embed feature to seamlessly integrate the checkout process.

Podia also includes email marketing tools so you can grow your subscriber list and keep in touch with the people who are most interested in your work.

When you’re ready to expand your online business as a developer, Podia will keep the process headache-free.


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