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Podia for influencers

You’ve grown a loyal following on social media, but monetization still feels like a puzzle. While it’s possible to earn good money through brand deals, ads, and creator funds, these revenue sources are ultimately controlled by social media platforms, not you.

With Podia, you can build online income streams that are 100% yours. Sell online courses, ebooks, webinars, community subscriptions, and online coaching to give your fans the valuable content they deserve. Podia makes it easy to build an entire online business around your influence, and it’s free to get started.

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What makes Podia great for influencers?

Build reliable income streams that complement your content.

Sell exciting digital products, online courses, and community memberships that your followers can’t wait to buy.

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Affordable and all-in-one.

Manage your entire creative business, including your website, email list, digital products, affiliates, and community, from one easy-to-use dashboard.

You own your audience.

You worked hard to build your audience – don’t let social media algorithms control your relationship with them. With Podia, you own your customer data, sales, content, and website.

Here are some influencer website examples from Podia creators like you

In 10 minutes, you could have a beautiful website and a place to host your digital products, courses, and community. For free.

Podia turns “likes” into dollars

Building an audience on a social media platform is impressive. With Podia, you can take your influence to the next level and grow a business based on your following.

Podia is an all-in-one creator platform where you can build a website, sell digital products, create a community, grow your email list, manage affiliates, and much more.

Use Podia’s online course feature to launch self-paced and cohort programs about your favorite topics, or sell PDFs and digital downloads that solve your audience’s biggest problems. Build a lively community membership with free or paid tiers, host value-packed webinars, and even offer 1:1 coaching for followers who want to pick your brain.

By building your programs and products on Podia, you’re creating a revenue stream you own. Your income isn’t dependent on sponsors, creator funds, follower count, or algorithms so you can start earning money for your hard work (whether you have 100,000 followers or 100). Plus, you retain full creative control over everything you make – no need to collaborate with a brand partner who might not know your audience as well as you do.

Podia lets you build digital products for your business, but it also gives you more control over how you communicate with your followers. We’ve all heard horror stories of creators getting locked out of their accounts, or having scammers impersonate them, or getting demonetized and not being able to contact anyone at the company.

Instead, own your relationship with your audience by having a professional website, online community, or email list. With Podia, you can create a free website with unlimited pages to share who you are and what you do. You can even set up a free link in bio page that includes products, an email sign-up form, embeds, and unlimited links.

Podia for influencers: link in bio examples

Podia’s community feature makes it easy to run a community where fans can support your work in exchange for exclusive content. You can set up different pricing tiers, accept monthly and annual memberships, and gate products behind specific payment plans. You can also create a free community area to have closer contact with your entire audience in one place.

Off-grid homesteaders and YouTubers Ashley and Jonathan Longnecker use their Podia community to share behind-the-scenes content and give their followers a way to financially support their work.

Tiny Shiny Home Community examples

Podia also includes email marketing tools. Create beautiful email sign-up forms, offer free lead magnets, send broadcasts to your list, and automate your welcome email so new subscribers feel right at home. Sending an email gives you direct access to the inboxes of your followers, allowing you to share updates and new product releases away from the noise of social media.

When you can communicate directly to your audience, you aren’t at the whims of a social media giant that could change the rules at any moment. You don’t need to worry about algorithm changes, shadowbans, or demonetization. You get to work directly with the people who love what you do, so that no matter what happens to your platform — you will be ok.

With Podia, you can build stronger connections with your biggest fans. You can also turn your influence into the money you need to support yourself. When you earn a livable income from the work you do, you’re empowered to continue doing it. That means you can help more people, which is a pretty magical thing.


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