Marketers love stats.

We pull them out like party favors, name dropping data and shutting down conversations faster than acute laryngitis.

But there’s a reason statistics are so powerful, and their use isn’t limited to number-crunchers and marketers.

They matter for you, too.

Stats help you:

But most importantly?

Stats help you find the margins of your story, forming the data-backed canvas through which your journey as a solopreneur plays out. Stats don’t define you -- they never will -- but they do support you and give you the foundation to make your business thrive.

So to that end, today we’re going to look at 45 need-to-know statistics behind small businesses and two of the most popular monetization channels, affiliate and email marketing, respectively.

Let’s dive right in.

Small business and entrepreneur statistics

Entrepreneurs tend to be associated with Instagram sponsorships, wild-eyed startup idealism, and no shortage of self-confidence. The reality, however, looks a bit different. Here’s the story -- and people --  behind the numbers.

Main takeaway: Entrepreneurship is healthy, but the demands of it can be daunting on creators, and with so many responsibilities riding on their shoulders, it’s little wonder why.

Anything you can do to cut back on your daily time-wasters -- whether it’s hiring a virtual assistant or using an all-in-one platform to manage your data -- is critical for keeping the grind from grinding you out.

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Fortunately, affiliate marketing can alleviate some of that burden, too, and it’s easier to get into than you might think.

Affiliate marketing and referral marketing statistics

Affiliate marketing remains one of the most popular passive income channels for creators and businesses far and wide, and there’s a good reason.

With low barriers to entry -- if you’ve got an audience, you’ve got an opportunity -- and ample businesses looking to connect to influencers, creators have bountiful options to work with or become affiliates.

How bountiful? Let’s see.

Main takeaway: Affiliate marketing hinges on the relationships between brand and audience, whether that brand is someone else’s or one you’re working to promote.

Customers are willing to hustle for you, but they won’t do it without a compelling reason -- make it worth their while if you want them to return the favor.

Now, let’s change gears a little bit and look at the numbers behind how creators are reaching their audiences, and moreover, how they can do it better.

Email marketing statistics

There’s not a lot that email marketing can’t do for businesses. From smoothing the conversion runway between subscriber to customer to automating your sales funnel for online courses, email is the top channel for reaching and nurturing your leads.

But it’s not always the easiest channel to break into, and if you’re still new to the email game, it never hurts to have some help. Check out these stats to get the lay of the email land.

Main takeaway: There’s no better way to convert customers than through an email list, but it takes some finesse to keep subscribers locked in. Experimentation is vital, as is knowing and nailing your customer research to ensure your emails are relevant and personalized.

It’s your story behind the numbers

Starting an online business is a big deal. You need every advantage you can get. Having the facts in your corner is like having a personal coach there to back you up and guide your path.

Of course, the facts aren’t everything. What’s true for one industry or business may not be true for yours, and that’s OK.

Because like we said, these are the numbers, but this is your story. Lean on the data, but don’t be afraid to counter the so-called best practices if it means reaching the next chapter in that story.

And perhaps most importantly, don’t feel like you have to wade the waters on your own. When you’re ready to save time, make more sales, and manage the moving parts of your business without the headache, Podia is ready to support you with a free two-week trial.

Either way, you’re going to be great.

That, too, is a fact.

Written by

Lauren Cochran

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