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  1. The new economy belongs to creators

    The job market isn’t just slowing down, it’s fundamentally changing forever. And the creator economy is taking over.

    May 6, 2020-Entrepreneurship
  2. 10 platforms for online courses and how they stack up

    If you want to sell an online course, get this compilation of 10 top online course platforms to choose from, including price, features, and who it’s ideal for.

    April 24, 2020-Online courses
  3. 4 easy steps to prioritize your tasks when your desk is overflowing

    You feel like your to-do list will never stop growing. But don’t give up hope -- these prioritization strategies and tools can help you out.

    April 24, 2020-How to
  4. 5 ultra-simple ways to bring your offline students online

    If you’re a teacher or tutor, get these 5 ways to boost your income by bringing your students online. Earn more, teach more, and grow more with this guide.

    April 24, 2020-How to
  5. How to balance your full-time job with a side-hustle

    If you’re balancing a full-time job with a side-hustle, get this guide on how to manage both without added stress. These three tips will help you breathe, sleep, and work easier.

    April 13, 2020-How to
  6. 8 Adobe After Effects alternatives for online course creators

    On the hunt for Adobe After Effects alternatives? Then this article is for you. Here are 8 video editing alternatives that are easier and cheaper to use for online course creators.

    April 13, 2020-Online courses
  7. How to do what you love for a living and still love it tomorrow

    If you’re an entrepreneur with a passion business, get this guide on how to love what you do for a living and keep loving it over the long haul.

    April 13, 2020-How to
  8. How to set boundaries and work more productively from home

    Are you struggling to get your productivity in check? Then follow these 4 tips for setting boundaries and being more productive when working from home.

    April 10, 2020-How to
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